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Every nitro RC racer is familiar with this question: will my tank last ?We have the answer to that question: Pitape!By using Pitape, you don't have to guess your runtime. Simply enter the elapsed time and the amount of fuel that's left, and Pitape will tell you!
As life in the pits is busy and time a precious good, Pitape offers you some features to ease your work:
– A built-in stopwatch. One device less in the pits.– Use the camera to detect the amount of fuel *. No spill, less stress.– Including a logbook. Collect information to gain certainty.
Sounds good? Try it!
The app is suitable for Nitro Buggys, Truggys or Onroad Cars, as well as large-scale models.
* Experimental feature. Make sure to set the correct shape of your tank.